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Can the plush cap be washed in a washing machine? Let’s see the correct way to clean it

Can the plush cap be washed in the washing machine

The plush cap can be washed in a washing machine. Although the plush cap can be machine-washed, pay attention to the cleaning method, otherwise it will affect the overall shape of the plush cap. For example, you can put the plush cap into the pillowcase during machine washing, which can reduce the direct friction between the cap fabric and the inner wall of the machine and damage the fabric
Correct machine washing steps for plush caps

1. Put the plush cap into the laundry bag

The advantage of the laundry bag is to reduce the direct friction and collision between the cleaning items and the washing machine, and reduce the damage to the fabric.

2. Add a spoonful of mild detergent

To wash woolen stuffed hats or other clothes, you must use a special detergent for washing wool. This can reduce the damage of chemical substances to fabric fibers.

3. Choose a gentle washing mode

In the gentle mode and hand wash mode, the washing machine rotates very slowly and softly, which can minimize the impact on the hat.

4. Spread out and dry after spinning

Put the hat on a ventilated place and dry it flat, so that the hat can keep the original shape and the color will be the same as the new one.
Do you want to wash the new stuffed cap?

The new hat needs to be washed.

The reason is that before the hat is sold, many people may try it on, and there are many bacteria left on the hat. In addition, plush caps are processed from the factory to the sale, and there is no washing during the period, which may cause chemical residues. So, it’s better to clean it.
Why should the plush cap be cleaned regularly

The main material of the plush cap is wool, and the woven plush cap has a certain degree of flexibility. One of the problems encountered when wearing a plush cap for a long time is deformation, which affects the wearing effect. Second, the long-term adhesion of the gray layer in the air to the plush cap will also cause corrosion, which will cause the problem of darkening of the color. How to clean and restore it is particularly important.

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