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How to Choose a Comfortable Footwear

It is not easy to find a comfortable pair of shoes nowadays. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) recently reported that 50 percent of Americans, aged 18-60, suffer from some kind of foot ailment, many of which are related to wearing harmful footwear. Below are the precautions when choosing shoes and look for comfortable features to find a shoe that offers the comfort you need for healthy feet.

1. Look for shoes that feature designs built for comfort. 

· An Achilles notch. The groove featured at the back of the shoe where the shoe meets the Achilles tendon. This notch helps reduce the friction and rubbing near the heel, preventing blisters and other tearing of the skin at the heel.

· An ankle collar. Ankle collars are the area of the shoe that wraps around the ankle (where the Achilles notch is located). Ankle collars provide support for the ankle and prevent rubbing and friction.

· A midsole. The midsole is the "floor" of the shoe and helps absorb shock and helps control foot motion. Its important to choose a shoe that has a midsole that fits your foot.

· An appropriate toe box. The toe box is the portion of the shoe that houses your toes. Wearing a shoe that features a toe box too small for your feet can lead to bunions and other sores.


2. Pick a shoe that is flexible. Flexibility is an important consideration for comfort, and are particularly important in walking and jogging shoes.  

· Test a shoe for flexibility by picking it up and bending the toe upward. The shoe should bend under the ball of the foot, not halfway along the arch (or elsewhere).

· Twisting the shoe is also a good way to test for support. There should be some light resistance from the shoe when you twist.


1. Choose good cushioning. The type of cushioning in a shoe will vary depending on the type of shoe. For example, a running shoe will have more cushion on the heel, where a walking shoe will have more cushion on the ball of the foot. Make sure you are purchasing a shoe designed for the activity you intend to wear it for.

· Try out the shoe on a hard surface as well as a soft one. The level of comfort the cushion provides may be different when walking on a harder surface. This is a good opportunity to make sure the toe box has enough room for your toes.

Post time: 06-03-2019


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