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How to wear earmuffs in winter

How to wear earmuffs to look good
When we wear earmuffs for ourselves, if we have long hair, we can put our scalp on our shoulders, and then put on the earmuffs directly. Of course, it is best to open the hair around the ears so that we can wear them. After that, it will look better and make us look more energetic. You can pay attention to these small details.

Girls with short hair can put them on themselves directly, put them on our heads or put earmuffs on everyone from the back of their necks. This will also look very good, so you can pay attention to them. Therefore, there are two ways to wear short hair girls. Everyone wears them according to the way they like.
2. What are the good-looking earmuff styles
One, plush earmuffs

In fact, the most common one is the plush earmuffs. After we wear this kind of earmuffs, it can wrap the ears and have a good warmth effect, so you can try this for yourself This kind of earmuffs are connected like a bridge in the middle. After wearing them, we will look very cute and look very protective. In winter, wearing such earmuffs is great. Up.

Two, lace up earmuffs

There is also a special style of earmuffs that many cute girls like now. They are a bit like hats, but there are hats. This kind of earmuffs is a lace-up style. We wrap ourselves up from the head. , And then tie yourself at the position of the chin, so that the style of wearing earmuffs is quite special. You can try it for yourself.
3. What are the good-looking earmuff colors

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1. White earmuffs

If we want our earmuffs to look good, we can choose a white earmuff for ourselves, because this kind of earmuffs will be very versatile after we wear it, no matter what the match is. Clothes will look very good. Of course, if we choose earmuffs of this color, we must pay more attention to hygiene. If the earmuffs become dirty, they will be very unsightly. So everyone must pay more attention to yourself .

Second, pink earmuffs

Of course, if you are wearing a cute and sweet girl, you can use a pink earmuff to match yourself with clothes, and after we put on the plush pink earmuffs, we will make ourselves more girlish. It feels more coordinated and unified, so this is the one that I highly recommend everyone to try. If you like, you can try it for yourself.

Three, brown earmuffs

If you like the lace-up earmuffs, the brown earmuffs will look better, and they will also match our skin’s whiteness. They will also suit our various styles. If you are interested, you can find out .

Post time: 09-24-2020


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