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Lack of fashion in Spring and Summer? You will be saved by these plush slippers!

Many person do not wear slippers out because they think they are not formal enough. However what can be more important than super comfort? Nobody can refuse being relaxed and comfortable when wearing slippers. When adding fur and plush on them, the laziness of slippers are weaken while making them so special.

Compared with hard high heels and sweat-causing sport shoes, plush slippers makes no mistakes in matching which is so considerate in fashion and comfort.

Simple designed fleece slippers














Classic fleece slippers in solid colors are always in style. They are suitable for people who does not like complicated designs.The low heels are just like indoor slippers that make you walk smoothly. And the solid color makes your feet look whiter and more pretty than before. They are doing a perfect job no matter you wear them inside or outside the house.

Furry cartoon/animal slippers

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The cartoon designed slippers are usually made in various of shapes and are always wider than others. The lovely designs of animals and carton characters just remind us of our childhood. The ankles are uncovered to make your legs look longer and slimmer. They are both suitable for adult and kids. If you are a fan of lovely animals and cartoons, do not miss these special designed slippers.

As these furry slippers are thicker than others, many person may think they are only for autumn and winter, but they are certainly not only for cold weathers, and they do not cover all your feet, your feet will also not feeling very hot inside.

Post time: 06-04-2020


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