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The noble and retro velvet has been popular for more than 2,000 years

Like a mirror,

Tell the person wearing clothes in different ways on different occasions,

They are so beautiful…

It used to be a very precious fabric. Initially, velvet was woven from real silk, and the weaving method was quite complicated and cumbersome. It was very difficult to produce velvet in the age without machines. Therefore, for a long time, it was A precious fabric belonging only to religions, royal families and nobles. It is precisely because of this history that velvet is always associated with gorgeous and noble feelings. However, with the evolution of the times, velvet has now become a fabric with a sense of retro and modernity, and more and more single products will be used Velvet, which also makes it more and more fashionable.

Queen Victoria and her children

The meaning of velvet has long been not limited to one material, but has become synonymous with gorgeous and high-end, after time precipitation, it has become more and more classic and mellow. Queen Victoria is a fan of velvet fabrics, Napoleon who loves to dress up and Queen Josephine who is bright and beautiful are not too much.

Because of the favor of the royal family, velvet still exudes noble and elegant magic. It hides nobility in publicity, and reveals charming under the classics. The heroines in velvet in the history of film have weaved gorgeous and adventurous dreams for everyone.

Today I bring a velvet glove. With it, your winter hands are not only noble and elegant, but you can also care for your hands and bring you winter care~

Onmygogo Women’s Velvet Winter Touchscreen Gloves Driving Mittens Full Finger, Thick and Warm


Post time: 10-11-2020


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