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What are the benefits and functions of wearing gloves while driving

First, it is necessary to hold the steering wheel and keep the palms dry. Some people seldom sweat the palms of the hands and are relatively dry. It is far from difficult to accurately steer the pulse of the steering wheel. It is not necessary to wear gloves or not; but some people are prone to sweating palms. It is best to wear gloves to avoid slipping the steering wheel. , For safety, you
Can’t you wipe your hands from time to time while driving?
Moreover, not all gloves can be used when driving with a hand. Some car owners worry that wearing gloves will become a “robot”, and they will have no sense of driving. They choose to wear very soft gloves. Especially many female drivers wear silk gloves like European ladies in the 19th century. It is really easier Slippery: Nylon gloves, ordinary leather gloves are also easy to slip.
Positive driving gloves will use non-slip flipping on the palm and fingers or implant small particles to prevent slippage: use a more flexible Lycra material on the wrist and other movable parts, the sleeve fits the palm closely, and the palm cannot move freely Obstructed; use COOL MAX material in the joints that are prone to sweating to speed up the discharge of sweat and keep the palms dry.
Keep warm
Secondly, you must keep your hands warm during the battle, especially in winter. It is the key to driving. Keep your hands flexible to ensure safety. Cold hands and feet will definitely affect the flexibility of your hands. Most people face the problem of freezing and stiff hands when driving in winter, and with the blessing of gloves, driving is no problem.
Therefore, in the winter when everyone wears gloves to drive, people don’t think there is anything wrong with this; but if someone drives in the summer and wears gloves, they must spit out two words in their hearts: pretending to be forced. Is it right? Let’s rule out some people who have cold palms in summer, and the weather is high, even if the palms are not sweaty.
People have sweaty palms. Wearing gloves should also be to prevent slippery hands! What’s more, what about beauty?

Then, beauty is also a requirement for many people to drive. Just as in the 19th century-some European ladies must wear long-sleeved gloves and half-face veils when going out. Some people have elegant image requirements for driving. They are clean and do not drive or dress neatly. If you don’t drive, you can understand it by driving with your hands.
Later, health determines the necessity of wearing gloves. Scientific research shows that for people who drive a motor vehicle for a long time, mechanical vibration can reduce the function of the nervous system. For example, conditioned reflexes are inhibited, nerve endings are damaged, and pain function is significantly reduced. In this way, the driver’s ability to adapt to changes in environmental temperature will be reduced. .
Vibration can also cause sweaty palms and brittle nails. If the vibration is too strong, the driver will feel fatigue, numbness, and decreased grip strength. If this happens, it can cause muscle spasm and atrophy, causing bone and joint changes, resulting in decalcification, localized bone hyperplasia or deformed arthritis.
Strong vibration and noise will stimulate the human body for a long time, which will cause autonomic nervous function disorders, nausea, insomnia and other symptoms. Female drivers will also experience menstrual disorders, mild miscarriage, and uterine prolapse. In medicine, this type of shock bow | disease is usually called “shock disease”.

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Post time: 10-11-2020


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