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Why Does My Dog Like Stealing Slippers?

We are finally home now! What we want to do is just slip your tired feet into your super comfortable slippers. However they are gone, again! Needless to say, Jason, my playful pup has run off with them.

Why do our dogs steal slippers? Is it just about a love of things soft or fluffy?

Not that easy. Actually it is more than that, it's often a cry for help, because your little fur-friend is bored, stressed out and would like you to do something about it.

The Playful Stage of a Puppy

If he is still a little puppy, he is just exploring his world, like human children often do, he learn with all of their senses, including his mouth. They also need to chew something soft on as their teeth develop. Therefore your slippers are the most easy to find choice if they don't have their own chew toys.

Another reason your puppy might steal your slippers is that the slipper smells like you. They haven't been separated from their mother for long and most young dogs instinctively miss that connection. So your slipper may be making a great stand in.

Adult Dogs and Slipper Stealing

When your dog 'grows up', slipper stealing becomes a bigger problem. if your pup does get hold of them and chews them to bits it becomes an expensive annoyance. So you have to lock your slippers away in a closet and can't leave them out for more than a minute.

So How Do I Save My Slippers From Dogs?

Keep hunting dog away from your slippers

If you are keeping a hunting dog, keep him away from your slippers by giving them something else to exercise their instincts on. You need to occupy him and use up some of that energy (hunting dogs were bred to run for hours) and let him exercise his instincts in a different way.  

Buy the right toys for your dog

Nowdays you'll easily find dozens and dozens of dog toys, such us,Fetch toys (both balls and discs) ,Squeaker toys / knotted toys ,Chew toys and Dummy toys . But the fact is that some of those toys are better suited to hunter/retriever dogs than others.

Let your dog have enough exercise

Hunter and retriever dogs likes runing too much. And even though you might live in the middle of a big city rather than out in the woods their ancestors still have the instinct – and the energy – to do so, so it's very important that they exercice enough.

Post time: 07-11-2015


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