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Why don’t you wear a stuffed hat without falling off? Two ways to help you get it

How can you wear a plush cap

You can sew a loop of elastic into the plush cap, or use a hairpin to fix the plush cap on the head. Usually when wearing a plush hat, without leaving bangs, wear the front of the plush hat a little down to the root of the hair, so that it is more stable; in the case of leaving bangs, if the hair is longer and more, Just stuff a little bit into the plush cap so that it won’t fall off easily.
How to wear a plush cap looks good

Choose a plush cap according to your face shape to look good. For people with round faces, a thicker plush hat is suitable. When wearing it, cover part of the temples and 2/3 of the ears, and raise the top. The overall visual extension will make the face appear smaller. For people with long faces, it is not advisable to raise the top of the hat. Pull back the visual sense and lower the end of the hat to appear slightly hanging on the back of the head, leaving the bangs on the forehead.
What are the common types of plush caps

1. Dome plush hat

The style of the dome wool hat is relatively simple. It mainly makes a fuss on the knitting method of the hat. Some decorations are also used on the outside of the hat to make the hat simple and not simple.

2. Ball plush cap

There is a small ball of wool on the top of the ball hat. This yarn ball can show the wearer’s special cuteness. This hat is suitable for girls. Among them, the Korean version of the snow hat is more popular.

3. Plush hat with brim

A woolen hat with a brim means that there is an extra brim on the front of the woolen hat. The design of this kind of woolen hat shows the wearer’s very fashionable personality. This kind of hat can also block the sun while keeping warm.

4. Ear protection wool cap

The ear protection plush cap is a bit similar to the Lei Feng cap, but it is younger than the Lei Feng cap. Its classic two-sided ear protection design is both fashionable and warm, especially suitable for cold winter travel.
How to choose a plush cap

When choosing Yan Ze, we should pay attention to that girls with big heads choose darker hats to show their small heads. They really can’t find a hat that suits their head circumference. You can pick one of the men’s hats, which are generally very She is handsome, very suitable for the handsome young lady. For daily wear, you can choose bright colors, and for casual wear, choose darker hats to be more versatile.

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